Plainview Chinese Cultural Center

99 Central Park Road, Plainview, NY 11803

Participant’s Guide

Cultural Center Organization

Office Staff – The Executive Director (ED) and Assistant Program Director are responsible for Chinese language and cultural programming. The Administrative Director and Assistant Administrative Director are responsible for the organization’s administration. 

Instructor - Qualified instructors will be appointed the Executive Director and Administrative Director. 

Family Representative – Each course group will elect a Family Representative to facilitate the communication between Family and Instructor.

Family Liaison Associates (FLA) - Each Session will form their FLA and elect Officers and President. FLA officers will assist in Center activities and communications.

Cultural Center Policies

Program year - The program year runs from September through May. 

Session – Sessions are held weekly unless there is a holiday. A calendar of when sessions are held will be made available in the fall shortly before the program year begins. 

Registration –Registration ends four weeks after the program year begins in September. There is a price discount with pre-registration.

Admission age – Participants in the program must be five years or older by December 31 in order to be registered.

Audit – Participants and their family members will not be permitted to audit without the approval of the ED and the Instructor.

Withdrawal – Participants may withdraw at any time during a series. Program fee refunds are as follows: 

  •  within two weeks after the program begins in September, refund 75% of program fees

  •  within four weeks after the program begins in September, refund 50% of program fees
  •  more than four weeks after the program begins in September, no refund
  •  the $50 registration fee is non-refundable

Placement – New participants will give a diagnostic test in order to determine the appropriate level.

Promotion – Participants should attend sessions on time and complete all assigned work. After passing all examinations, participants will be promoted to the next level. 

Repeat – If a participant’s performance as shown by their grades do not meet the Center’s criteria for promotion, he/she may either repeat the level or participate in a diagnostic test offered in the fall in which those who pass will be promoted to the next level.

Skip – Participants possessing language abilities beyond their assigned session level may skip a level with their instructor’s recommendation, the approval of the ED, and if the participant has passed all of the requirements. 

Attendance – Any participant who will be absent from a session should notify his/her instructor or the office in advance and make his/her own arrangement to make up assigned work. If a participant has been absent for 25% or more of the sessions they will not be advanced to the next level and will be required to repeat the same level the following year.

Books – In the fall, the Center will provide books, work booklets, and two assigned work booklets for a nominal charge. There will be a $25 fee to replace any lost books or practice booklets. 

Progress Report – At the end of the year in May, participants will receive progress reports containing grades and comments from the instructors. 

Cultural Center Activities

Educational Program: Two Hours per week of language series and one hour of cultural program.

Graduation and Promotion Ceremony: Held in the last week of the year in May.

Participants’ Work Display and Performances: Held in the last week of the year in May.

Chinese Holiday Celebrations: Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival, Moon Festival, etc.

Publications: Calendar and Newsletters.

The Rights and Responsibilities of the Participants’ Family Members

• Participants’ family members are required to take turns volunteering in the Library and at the snack concession stand. 

• Participant safety is everyone’s responsibility. Whoever sees any dangerous situation or someone creating a potentially dangerous situation should correct it accordingly and immediately notify the Security Personnel and a staff member.

• During Sessions, family member should maintain a quiet environment outside of course Rooms.

• Everyone should follow parking and traffic restrictions. 

• Everyone should maintain neatness and cleanliness; after each session, please put table and chairs back in their original positions and place trash in trash receptacles.

• Adult courses are open for every adult.

• Everyone has access to library resources. However, borrowing privileges require permission from the staff. In addition, please reshelf books after use.

Participants’ Responsibilities 

• Objectional behavior not permitted in the Center includes but is not limited to the following: Smoking, Foul Language, Gum-Chewing, Littering, and Graffiti. 

• Dress properly and be on time for your session.

• Follow instructors’ orders.

• Complete assigned work on time.

• Respect instructors and obey rules.