Plainview Chinese Learning Center

99 Central Park Road, Plainview, NY 11803

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The Plainview Chinese Cultural Center

The Plainview Chinese Cultural Center (PCCC) is a non-profit organization started in 2005 to offer bilingual Chinese language and cultural programs for children and adults.

The language programs are unlike any other Chinese program as they are based upon a bilingual format where instruction and materials are provided in both Chinese and English. The programs are designed for non-Chinese speaking or English language dominant families and does not require any prior knowledge of Chinese. The goals of these programs are reading comprehension and conversational Chinese by making the language more accessible. There are multiple levels for children ages five through eighteen and two levels for adults.

The cultural programs encourage appreciation of Chinese culture by exposing participants to various Chinese holidays and festivals and the traditions involved in those celebrations. They also offer geography, sports, music, calligraphy, origami, dance, drama, martial arts, and arts and crafts.

The quality of the programs is a priority of PCCC's Board of Directors and executive and administrative staff. All of the instructors are highly qualified and are required to participate in regular on site training each year. The Board and staff have tried to foster a fun environment while emphasizing quality.

The success of PCCC's vision is based upon the involvement and dedication of everyone involved in the program, parents, children, staff, administration, and the Board, working as a team and communicating with one another.

PCCC is also a member of the Association of Chinese Schools (ACS) and the National Chinese Association of Chinese Language Schools (NCACLS) and participates in ACS' annual conference.


To find out more about the Plainview Chinese Learning Center, call us at  833.816.8168 or email [email protected]